Lionel Ménard
Foto: Mariusz Michalik

It all begins in 1987: Lionel decides to stop with one-night-stands. He discovers Marcel Marceau that year and spends ten years working together with his company. Within the context of a filmscript, he listens to Alexandro Jodorowski, after a good meal he becomes Ticky Holgado’s coach. After several auditions, he finally joins Philippe Genty’s  company. Chancing on a disc of contemporary music, he brings the Arditi Quartet to the stage. He spends a week with Michael Jackson and Marcel Marceau preparing "Childhood" for HBO and writes a small outline for a Philippe Glass evening at the Carnegie Hall. Claude Lelouch offers him the part of Jesus in a trilogy and he works as a choreographer for Jean Paul Goude and Lea Seydoux. He loves the Gymnopédies and goes on to create "Bonjour Monsieur Satie" at the Konzerthaus Berlin and to stage Bodecker & Neander. He is invited to write and set up a "show for the little ones" at the Luxembourg Philharmonic, he stages The Snark at the Sydney Festival with Scott Kohler and Out of the Blue with Alexander and Wolfram at the Valencia Festival in Venezuela, He manipulates a bird for François Morel and tries to make François dance, he then meets Bartek Ostapczuk in Dresden, which is the prelude to several works in Poland...


The point common to all these meetings is that they make Lionel travel to all four corners of the earth. The piece of which he is most proud, however, was performed only once and did not depart its four walls – this was the directing of "La Volière" at the Fresnes Penitentiary Centre for long-term prisoners.

as director

2021 - La flute enchantée Philharmonie Luxembourg

2021 - Meine Güte , Bodecker Neander

2021 - Verklärte Nacht avec Viviana Hagner & Eckart Runge - Bodecker & Neander

2020 - Spielplatz avec Lucilin united

2020 - Masken*Ball / Bodecker & Neander /Pantomime.

2019 - The man in the mirror, Bodecker Neander Cie ,  Zürich , Riedberg Museum.

2019 - Ma Mère L'Oye - Orchestra Concert with Pantomime with Wolfram von Bodecker, Alexander Neander, Lina Rohde, Irene Fas Fita,    Ewelina Grzechnik, Bartlomiej Ostapczuk

2018 - Louise et la petite lueur Philharmonie Luxembourg avec Ingrid Schoenlaub, Romane Petit, Guillaume collignon , Anthony Millet. 

2018 - Avant tout Cie Lenka Vagnerova, Prague

2018 - "Amatis et le cadeau inattendu" avec Amatis Piano trio et le Philharmonique du Luxembourg, Spectacle jeune Public 

2018 - "Momo" de Pascal Dusapin avec Jules Werner, Maria del Pilar Blanco et Lucilin United. ( Musique contemporaine )  

2017 - Les Neige de l'Algave, Dancas Ocultas and Philharmonie Luxembourg

2017 - Lanza, Kagel, Tsangaris, Benjamin, United Instruments of Lucilin / Philharmonie Luxembourg /contemporary music

2017 - City Lights / Bodecker & Neander /Pantomime.

2017 - Jacques et le marchand de sable ; Philharmonie du Luxembourg, conte musical pour tout petit.

2017 - La vie Parisienne d´Erik Satie, Bodecker Neander/ Tobias Morgenstern / Spectacle Musical. 

2016 - Nora Lantez retrospective / Flamenco.

2016 - Follow light / Bodecker Neander/Pantomime

2015 - Marcel , Warsow mime centrum/ Mimodrame

2015 - Le petit rouge/ Louis Terver / Jonglage.

2014 - Gogol, Warsow Mime centrum / Mimodrame.

2014 - 22h22- Lucrece Sacella / Pop Music.

as coach

2021 - Alexis Mabille defilé Hivert 21

2020 - Fragilaxie pour Kristin Lahoop

2019 - Pirouette et sortilège, Ingrid Schoenlaub, Solo violoncelle, Paris. 

2018 - "Pokoj" collectif  Momentum , La Fabrika, Prague, Avril 2017, (cirque aérien)

2017 - Berlin Alexanderplatz - Marie Vic - Filmproduction

2017 - Lost hotel / Sinart Company / Physical Theater

2017 - Kafka -Trilogie / Anja Gessenhardt / Chinese pole

2017 - Pierre et le loup /  Teatr LALKI Aktora Kubus Kielce /jeune public 

2016 - Silent Pact, Dodo Cabegna / Physical Theater

2016 - Radio Hermitage, Ksenia Parkhatkaya / Swing dance. 

2016 - Mafericotupi / compagnie Les Particules / jeune public. 

2015 - Don Juan / Comédiens et Compagnie / theatre

2015 - Simulacrum / Ruben Reniers / contempory dance

2015 - Labiche malgré lui / Burlesques associés / theatre

2014 - l odyssée  / comédiens et compagnie / theatre. 

2014 - Cromosoma/ Artekor duet / contemporary circus