"What generates movement in a performer, how to guide, nourish and

enhance an artist in the execution of his performance.

How to inhabit one’s body throughout a performance, over and above the technique or instructions of a director.

To continue accepting the invitation to play, to play the game, to play for what’s at stake,

to again look and again find pleasure so rules don’t cause stillbirth.

Making one’s presence felt, over and above the mental preparation that creates mindfulness in all :  the performer resembles a top-ranking athlete who goes out onto the track, aware that this is futile but that it is his whole life."

Alexis Marille - Haute Couture Fall-Winter - Choegraphie: Lionel Ménard

Nicolas Ghesquiere & Charlotte Gainsbourg - JEAN-PAUL GOUDE

Tickt Holgado

Léa Seydoux - PRADA Candy Commercial

Francois Morel

Alessio Ferrara - Rebecca Jefferson - Olivier Saladin -  Audrey Saad - Olivier Broche -  Roberta Ruggiero - Michael Jackson - Lucrece Sacella- Brahim Zaibat - Sigrid Agrem -  Antoine Sahler - Anne Vyalitsyna - Matt Pokora - Claire Nadeau - Sergi Lopez - Judith Herlen - Guillaume Collignon -Ksenia Parkhatskaya- Jean Hervé Apperé - Marie Rouge -     Jean  Paul Muel - Donia Sbika -Ruben Reniers -  Olga Domanska - Johannes Stubenvoll - Irene Fas Fita- Anja Gessenhardt...

CHANEL - CHANCE Commercial

"Pokoj" collectif  Momentum , La fabrika, Prague, Avril 2017, ( cirque aérien )